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The Scavenger TOTAL Oil Change System

is the ONLY way to easily and effectively change all of the oil in many of today’s American V-Twin motorcycle engines. We know that conventional oil changes DO NOT remove all of the contaminated oil.

Anywhere from 24-32 ounces of dirty oil remains in the bottom of dry sump engines like Evolutions, Twin Cams and Sportsters - mixing with clean oil as soon as the engine is restarted, shortening the life of your oil and engine.

How The Scavenger Works

Motor and OilNo one denies that changing your engine oil is an important part of motorcycle maintenance, but too many bikers are still in denial about conventional oil changes.

Yes, particles in your oil are removed by the oil filter, but it is the combustion gasses mixing with the oil that causes a chemical breakdown, reducing its effective lubrication and creating acids that eat away at the engine's internal components.

Changing the engine oil and filter are the accepted method of removing contaminated oil, but the design of millions of motorcycle engines hold dirty oil during this process and upon being restarted, return that filthy oil to the tank where it immediately mixes with the clean oil, accelerating the breakdown of the fresh oil, shortening the life of your oil and compromising lubrication qualities right away. See for yourself. Change your oil. Ride a half mile, and check your oil. Clean? Hardly.

Easy and Effective

System is an effective, easy way of changing all of the oil in your engine. The Scavenger Total Oil Change system also allows bikes to switch to synthetic oil far more effectively. After using your Scavenger, you’ll notice your oil stays cleaner longer. Your engine is your bike’s most important component – take the best care you can.  For the best synthetic oil, check out the MCOIL link.

Installation instructions

Click thie links below to get a printable copy of the instructions.

Twin-Cam A Installation Instructions

Part# RC120, Twin-Cam B Instructions

Part# RC101, Evolution Big Twin Instructions