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Manufacturing facility and Quality Standards

To ensure the highest standards Fatz uses a Motorman 6 axis welding robot thereby guaranteeing every weld is perfect and every bracket is produced to the highest possible quality level.

After welding is completed, each bracket is carefully inspected before painting and is then oven baked at 392 degrees Fahrenheit for a long lasting chip and corrosion resistant finish that will give years of reliable trouble free service.

Once painting is completed the steering head is assembled using the highest quality taper roller bearings with a neoprene seal at the base to exclude dirt and water, it is then fitted into a sealed compartment within the bracket using four high tensile socket head cap screws. The high bearing quality and sealed compartment ensure low maintenance and long life and the high tensile socket head cap screws optimum strength and reliability.

Because the variety of models within the Harley Davidson range are different sizes the Fatz Bracket is fully adjustable to accommodate this range of motorcycles. During this final stage of preparation for shipping, each bracket is packed complete with easy to follow instructions so that customers can set the bracket up for their individual needs, depending on the Harley Davidson model they own.